How to Register as a BizHub Loyalty Program Participant.

Please note that this BizHub Central web site and its Loyalty Program are only available to people living in the UK.
You can sell the SA Loyalty Program to people living outside the UK ONLY if you and they have one of our “No Fees” VISA debit cards to receive commission payouts.

We have another web site like this one for businesses and consumers in South Africa, so if you know anyone there who could make use of the services we offer, please send them this link to check it out:

If you have one of our VISA debit cards, you can be a member of the South African Loyalty Program for R500 per month (if you know people in SA).
You will get a different Referral Link to promote that program with.
Sell the S. African Loyalty Program to 4 people there (or to people here, if they want to earn ZAR), and you will break even, just like here!
Then you can start earning a monthly income in GBP AND ZAR, all paid into your VISA debit card!

Click this link to join the S. African Loyalty Program, then you can give out your SA Referral Link to people you want to sell it to:

Get your money paid into your “No Fees” VISA debit card! Get your card(s) HERE.


To register with the UK BizHub Central Loyalty Program if you don’t have an introducer, please click on Admin’s Referral Link:

If you have an Introducer, please use their Referral Link. It will look like this:

You will be taken to their self-replicating BizHub Central Home page.

Click on “Shop” in the top menu.

Scroll down on the Shop page. Click on the yellow star under “Products” with “Customer Loyalty Program” in the centre if you want to subscribe monthly, or click on the green “Loyalty Program” icon with the down arrow above it if you want to pay quarterly.

Click the icon to read the description, or simply click the blue button under it that says “Sign Up Now”.

A tick will appear next to “Sign Up Now” and beneath it you will see “View Basket”.

Click “View Basket”.

You will be taken to the “Cart” page.

NOTE! On the Cart page, the number in the “Quantity” box must be 1. If it isn’t, change it to 1 and click “Update Cart”.

Subscriptions are payable monthly at £100 pm, or 3-monthly at £300 per quarter, in advance.
(Paying quarterly cuts down on bank charges and gives you more time to cover your cost).
You make your initial payment via “Direct Bank Transfer” (EFT) on the Shop’s Checkout page and thereafter via a Recurring Billing (Debit Order) facility. Once we have received your application and your payment has cleared, we will email you a Debit Order Authority and Service Agreement to complete, sign and email back to us. 

You only need to make 4 sales of the Loyalty Program to cover your monthly subscription.
The next person to join your Sales Team will put you in profit.
Every sale after that is pure profit, as you have few or no overheads.

If you need help, please call or Whatsapp Paul (the CEO of BizHub Central) on +2774 267 5500 or email and tell Paul what you need help with. 

Click “Proceed to Checkout”.

On the “Checkout” page, fill in all your details under “Billing Details”. Make sure they are correct. You will not get paid if you put in false information.

Make sure the radio button next to “Direct Bank Transfer” has a black centre. This is the EFT payment option.

Tick the box next to I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions and then click on “Sign Up Now”.

You will arrive at this page:


You will see your Order Number, the date of your order, your email address and the total payable immediately by EFT (Direct Bank Transfer).

Use your Order No. as your Reference when you make your payment.

Below that are our bank details. (We hope to soon replace this with our debit card details).
The Type of Account is “Savings” (in case your Internet Banking asks).

Open your Internet Banking and make an EFT payment to our account.

Save these details as a “Beneficiary” in your bank account for future payments.

Put an “Immediate Payment” on it, so we can register you without delay.

You will receive an email telling you that your account has been created.

To find your Referral Link, go to and click on “My Account” in the top menu, and login.

Once you are logged in, click on  “Affiliate Area” in the drop down menu. You will immediately see your Referral Link. Memorise it, or copy and paste it into Word and save it in a sub-folder of BizHub Central in “My Documents”. Call the sub-folder “My Referral Link”.

So the path might be C:\My Documents > BizHub Central > My Referral Link.

You will be able to earn or purchase several marketing tools made just for you, namely your BizHub Central Promo Sales Video, personalised with your Referral Link (in Youtube. Makes it easy to send out the video URL). Or a personalised Landing Page, or your own Automated Prospecting Survey.

Here is what my personal sales video looks like. Click this link to see what your sales video will look like, with YOUR Referral Link in it.
Look below the video to see my Referral Link, but please only register from it if I am the person who introduced you.
If I’m not, make sure that you register from your Introducer’s Referral Link.

Finally, I’d like to welcome you to the BizHub Central Community and the Loyalty Program.
May you forever prosper with us!

Paul von Wildenrath.
Founder, Creator and CEO of BizHub Central

If you need help or answers, call me on +2774 267 5500 between 9.00 am & 5.00 pm.