"Earn a £28,000 car" Promotion

Choose your Own Car! New or Used!

When you and your Sales Team have jointly sold the Loyalty Program concept to 3,000 people for £100 pm each, together you will have achieved a Team turnover of £300,000 per month!

This qualifies YOU, as the Team Leader, to be GIVEN a car worth £28,000 by BizHub Central CEO, Paul von Wildenrath.
You will receive recognition by your peers at a special function to say “Thank You” for all the effort you put into selling the Loyalty Program and for motivating your Sales Team to do the same!

Read further and you will see how we have provided ideas on how you can achieve this in 9 months OR LESS!

You decide when you want to start, and we set the clock running. We suggest that you start after you have personally sold the Program to at least 2-4 Participants to break even and help them do the same, also to break even and to get past the slow startup period. Motivate everyone in your Team to make just 2 (or more) sales per month each, so they can also get a £28,000 car given to them! (See the Power of 2 table below).

Your average monthly income from this turnover will be: 3,000 sales x an average comm. of £25 per sale = £75,000 pm!

To achieve this, you need to MOTIVATE yourself AND your Team members to bring in as many sales every week as possible, and THEY must motivate THEIR Team members to do the same.

Once you achieve this turnover, as the Team Leader you will qualify for a FREE CAR of your own choice, new or used, up to the value of £28,000!

Let us know what it is and where to purchase it, and we will purchase it for you.
Documentation, insurance and extras will be for your own account, or they can be incorporated into the price.
Or, buy a car for less and take the balance in cash, or just take the cash! You’ve earned it!

NOTE! Every person in your Team is their own Team Leader, so when THEIR Teams have done £300,000 pm turnover, they will also qualify to receive a £28,000 car of their choice!

I have created the table below to show you how easy it is to earn a massive monthly income in a short space of time and earn yourself a £28,000 car AS WELL, using the principle of

The Power of 2!

All it takes is consistent effort to achieve your monthly goal of each person in your Team only making 2 sales per month each!As the Team Leader it is YOUR JOB to MOTIVATE your Team Members to achieve this. It’s for your own good and for theirs!
The table below shows your accumulative monthly sales on the 4 Tiers as you and your Team members make more and more sales.

Remember, the monthly subscription is the KEY to our income secret!
It is necessary so that everyone can earn a monthly residual income.

DISCLAIMER! This is an example of potential income based on your and your Team’s sales performances. It is not a guarantee of income. Everyone’s performance and results will differ.

Let’s assume that in Month 1 only you make 2 sales. By month 2, as you and everyone in your Team each make 2 sales per month, you will have covered your subscription cost and you will be in profit from then onwards.

In the Diagram below I have calculated your total number of Personal & Team Sales, based on the Tiers on which the sales were made below you. The 4 rows at the bottom of the table represent the 4 Income Tiers of the Program.

The bold numbers in the top row show the total number of sales made each month.
This progression is called “The Power of 2” because it is very achievable, by focusing on only making 2 sales, then 2 more, then 2 more, and so on. I call this “selling in bite-sized chunks”, but look how it snowballs!

This is how you & your Team will make the 3,000 sales necessary for you to earn a £28,000 car in less than 9 months!

As you can see, by Month 9 you will have monthly sales of 3,230, enough to earn you a £28,000 car!


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3 Sales

Month 4 Sales

Month 5 Sales

Month 6 Sales

Month 7 Sales

Month 8 Sales

Month 9 Sales

Month 10 Sales



































































If your average income over 4 Tiers is £25 pm, by Month 10 you will be earning £25 x 5,180 = £129,500 per month!

All from just 2 sales per person per month!
And if you and your Team were to each make 2 sales a WEEK,
you’d get your car in 9 WEEKS instead of 9 MONTHS!

Achievable? Of course it is!
More than likely, the first 4 people you sold to will also qualify for their cars by then, or will do so within the next month or two!

Then we can all go to a conference at a luxury resort,

give out the keys to the cars and have a great celebration!

And do it again every couple of months!

NOTE! This is when our soon-to-be-announced Travel Incentive will come in handy, and it ties in perfectly with our “No Fees” VISA debit card!
If you join BizHub Central just to participate in the Loyalty Program and share in its benefits, it will be worth your while! 

"No Fees" VISA Debit Card

We now have our own VISA debit card, that everyone can buy (or earn) and that they can withdraw their LP incomes to. It can be kept separate from their other incomes, so their incomes don’t get co-mingled. It can be used wherever VISA is accepted.

This card has zero bank or exchange rate conversion fees!

To Buy: £18 per card. Purchase as many as you need for yourself, family and/or staff.

To Earn: Sell the LP concept to 5 people to earn 1 card. You earn rebates on your sales, too.


  • You don’t have to be a participant in BizHub Central to get these cards; you can just be a Customer and purchase them from us directly!

  • The card costs £18 to buy and activate.

  • This cost is payable with order and the cards can be purchased from our BizHub Shop.

  • The card has a $2 per month admin fee.

  • You can hold up to $500 in your card account without submitting KYC documents, up to $20,000 by submitting 2 or 3 documents, and “unlimited funds” on application.

  • The card can hold multiple currencies, so whatever country you are in (eg: when travelling), if you have that currency in your card, you use those funds at zero cost to you.

  • You can convert from one currency to another in your card without paying exchange rate conversion fees.

  • And the card will soon hold cryptocurrencies as well!

  • If you have USD in your card (for example) and you want to pay for something in the UK in GBP, you can do so without paying any exchange rate conversion fees.

  • Pay all your suppliers, other accounts and staff salaries locally or internationally with zero bank fees. You save thousands!!

  • Purchase and pay for goods internationally with your card and pay no exchange rate conversion fees.

  • Supply your staff with these cards (or let them purchase them themselves, or subsidise them) so they can have their salaries paid into them so they can pay their accounts and spend the money without paying any bank fees.

  • If you have family elsewhere in the UK or the world that you support financially, eg: elderly parents or children, send them a card, put money in it and they will have that money instantly, at no cost, and without having to wait 2-15 working days or more for the money to clear. Eg: if you send $1,000 to your daughter in the USA, she will receive $1,000 without deduction!

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