Join The Awesome BizHub Central Loyalty Program!

Sell the concept to your contacts and local merchants. Earn a Primary or Supplementary RESIDUAL MONTHLY Income.

Qualify for Preferential Discount Vouchers from our Merchants.

Incentivise other Participants to Buy from your BizHub Shop.

Earn Awesome Incentives when you hit your Targets.


marketing launch of the year, for a




to boost sales & provide a supplementary income!



We GIVE you a car worth £28,000

when you are earning £10,800 pm!

It's OUR gift to YOU!
To say "Thank You"
for all your hard work.

Work diligently to increase the number of Participants in your Sales Team so you can create a better lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones!

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Here's How the Loyalty Program Works:

  • The BizHub Central (BHC) online shopping mall and its Loyalty Program (LP) are only available to people living in the United Kingdom. BHC is designed to provide a 1-stop shopping destination for visitors and customers who wish to support the Merchants in our mall, who are all small, medium and micro business owners living in the UK.

  • The Loyalty Program is a 4-tiered structure, just like a retail company’s Sales Dept. Participants are promoted up the ladder when they and their Team have achieved simple sales goals. The higher they go, the more benefits they receive!

  • All participants (Merchants and Consumers) enter the Loyalty Program as “Salesmen“.
    They pay a flat £100 pm (or £300 quarterly).

  • Merchants pay a monthly subscription to the Loyalty Program to consistently advertise their BizHub web pages & shops. 
    They incentivise LP participants to purchase their goods by offering them Preferential Discount Vouchers with up to 10% off.

  • Merchants who invite the customers in their database and other Merchants into the Program earn monthly sales rebates from the Loyalty Program that supplement their turnover incomes, so they will have money coming in, even if they have a low turnover month. This is how they recover the discounts they give away.

  • Consumers (Visitors, Customers and other Merchants) subscribe to the Loyalty Program to earn money with which to purchase goods from the Merchants in our Mall and to qualify for the Discount Vouchers they offer, plus other incentives.

  • These discounts and incentives are exclusively for Loyalty Program participants.

  • Participants also earn monthly sales rebates from the Program that they can spend in the Merchants’ Shops and elsewhere. Their sales rebates on 1st tier sales (Personal Sales) is 25% pm.  
    Therefore they only need to make 4 sales to break even!

  • Every participant’s target is to introduce a minimum of 20 Merchants to BHC and the Loyalty Program, because without Merchants and their goods for sale in the Hub, we will get no visitors or customers. The sooner they achieve this, the sooner they will start earning above-average sales rebates and be in a position to earn a car worth £28,000!

  • When a participant is promoted to Sales Supervisor, they will earn a 15% overriding rebate on all sales made on Tier 2 as well, plus they will receive extra benefits as their reward for achieving this and higher status levels. (They can continue making sales on Tier 1 forever, as it has unlimited width, and they will earn 25% rebates (£25 pm) on all of them).

  • There are 4 Status Levels (Tiers): (Salesman, Sales Supervisor, Sales Manager and Sales Director) with 4 rebate percentages: 25%, 15%, 5% and 5% respectively, making up 50% of the total revenue received. 

  • The Loyalty Program is open to ALL UK BizHub Merchants, Visitors and Customers. It creates Loyalty Rebates from the sales of goods and services and offers a potential Early Retirement Plan for all its participants.

  • Every new participant that enters the Loyalty Program gets a unique Referral Link that people they introduce must click on to register with the Program. All participants also earn Special Benefits when they get promoted up the ladder, like our “No Fees” VISA debit card, quality merchandise and travel opportunities.

  • Participants should invite their local retailers, who they currently buy from on a regular basis, to join BHC and participate in the Loyalty Program. Chances are that they currently do not get discounts when they buy from these Merchants, but if they were in the Loyalty Program, they would, so everyone scores! 
    We will provide the Merchants with an affordable web presence and help them increase sales, grow their businesses and earn a supplementary income through the rebates from sales of goods and services.

    The Merchants then invite their customers and other Merchants into the Hub and the Loyalty Program, thereby helping these other Merchants to prosper and growing their own customer databases for all Merchants to share in.

  • Similarly, the non-Merchant participants can earn substantial supplementary incomes, as long as they perform their duty as described above.

    Participants can introduce as many Merchants and Customers to the Program as they like. 
    They will earn 25% sales rebates (£25 per sale) every month on all their Personal Sales on Tier 1.

    The more effort they put in, the more money and rewards they get out.

  • Their target is to sell the BHC and LP concepts to a minimum of 4 Merchants in order to break even, and a total of 20 or more new Merchants as quickly as possible, and to help their introducees to do the same. 
    From these sales they will earn 20 x £100 pm x 25% = £500 pm. 
    Thereafter, they help their introducees to register at least 4 Merchants each, to show them how it’s done. 
    When their introducees have each registered 20 Merchants and customers, they will be earning: 
    (20 x £100 x 25%) + (400 x 
    £100 x 15%) = £6,500 PER MONTH RESIDUAL INCOME!
    And they still have 2 more Income Tiers (the biggest) to go!

    As Salesmen, by working diligently on building Tier 1 of their LP database, they will earn 25% sales rebates per month and soon be promoted to Supervisor, then Manager and then Director, and earn a further 15%, 5% and 5% rebates on their Team’s contributions on Tiers 2, 3 and 4. This will provide hard-working participants with an exceptional monthly income, plus many valuable benefits.

  • NOTE! We have recently introduced our exciting “Earn a £28,000 Car Promotion and we are planning to introduce regular local and international travel to luxurious and exotic destinations!

  • BHC Merchants may be the retailers in your neighbourhood who you buy from often but never get discounts from. 
    By inviting them into the BHC and the Loyalty Program and buying from them in the Hub, they will make more sales and earn a supplementary income, and you will get discounts from them that you never got before.

  • LP participants also earn commissions on their sales of BHC goods, eg: when the Merchants they invite into BHC pay for setting up their web pages and uploading products to their Shops. These commissions are provided by BHC Admin.

  • We are constantly adding new benefits to increase the value of our service.



Benefits to Merchants.

  • Get an affordable web presence at low cost and be invited to join our Loyalty Program.

  • Earn a supplementary income to their product sales income from their BHC Shop.

  • Earn a Potential Retirement Plan that increases every month as more and more people buy into the Program.

  • Increased probability of sales of goods from their BHC Shops from the use of Discount Vouchers purchased monthly by LP participants via their monthly contributions, sales rebates and commissions.

  • The more you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.

Benefits to Customers and Visitors.

    • Provides alternative or supplementary income. Can be used to shop with!

    • LP participants can purchase goods from BHC Merchants and make use of the Preferential Discount Vouchers provided by the Merchants.

    • Earn a primary or supplementary income, later becoming their Retirement Plan.

    • The more you put in, the more money and rewards you get out.

This Plan is available to ALL Biz Hub Merchants, Visitors and Customers. 
People who need money for covering overheads, paying off debts, unforeseen medical bills, school/university fees, etc. will benefit from being participants in the Biz Hub Central Loyalty Program.

Monthly contribution at all status levels is £100 pm. 
Rebate is 25% pm on Tier 1; 15% pm on Tier 2; 5% pm on Tier 3 and 5% pm on Tier 4 of all monthly contributions paid by the participants in their 4-Tier Sales Team, providing an excellent residual income to all our participants.

To Join the Loyalty Program, First Read.....


The BizHub Loyalty Program – What you get for £100 per month.

  • TAKE ACTION! And you will get an assured monthly income from this Loyalty Program, as participants earn monthly rebates over 4 Tiers on the sales of the Loyalty Program concept. It is easy to earn £1,200 – £5,800 or more per month, as long as you apply yourself to marketing the Program diligently and consistently via your unique Referral Link. 

  • Every participant must TAKE ACTION and promote the Program diligently for this great idea to work.  So please only invite open-minded, positive-minded, sharing, generous people into the Program, who understand the concept of giving in order to receive.

  • You get your own Account where you can track your payments and Team growth.

  • You get a unique user name and password to access your Account.

  • You get your own self-replicating web site and a unique Referral Link from which to sell the Program to potential participants so you can get paid.

  • You can purchase our “No Fees” VISA debit cards for only £18 each to store your rebates in and spend from.
    Have your salary paid into it, or pay your staff’s salaries into their cards!
    With this card you pay zero bank fees and zero exchange rate conversion fees when buying products or materials from other countries! 
    Transfer money in local or foreign currencies or in cryptocurrencies into other people’s cards.
    They receive the funds instantly, without deduction!

  • When you and your Team members collectively get 3,000 subscribers into your Sales Team we will GIVE you a £28,000 car, bike, trike, boat or anything of your choice, with a cash difference, to say “thank you” for your hard work and dedication! Possible to achieve in 2-9 months, using the Power of 2!
    At that point, you will be earning in excess of £10,800 per month from the Program!

  • We will soon be introducing local and international travel, luxury spa getaways, valuable merchandise and much more!

    Join us and see!


First Click Here to read and follow the step-by-step How to Register instructions.